Jason Momoa @prideofgypsies

Jason Momoa @prideofgypsies

SLAYER Mind blown Metal Fire Aloha j



To all his fans who don’t know nothing bout Metal, if u don’t like him listening to Metal stop being his fan unfollow him if u like, but him being a Slayer fan is Awsome #FUCKINGSLAYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEERRRRRR


The comments have me 💀 ....slayer! 🙌! 🇺🇸! 🔥!






Sooo jealous !




Jason you've pissed off all the religious Karen's of the world. They want you at Bible study stat😂. Metal 4 life 🤘🤘




@annelisaleite fan de slayer 🖤


I saw them a few years ago. One of the best bands to see live!!


SLAAAAAAYEREER!!! legendary!


It's nice to see a band that has never changed their formula throughout their more than 30yrs. Looks like an awesome show. If you're looking for a real pit, they always deliver. 🤟🤟


You had the best seat in the house!🤟🏼


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@clats2175 damn...what i was talking about was in his 'feed' you would've loved it!


Jason Momoa Rockzz








@thee_clark_kent check it out 😎