Keyshia Ka'oir Davis @keyshiakaoir

Keyshia Ka'oir Davis @keyshiakaoir

Pics 14days apart!! What a difference!! Back fat completely gone!!! Waist definitely smaller! Waist shaping nicely! I see the arch coming thru👌 @kaoirfitness
#WaistEraser x #BodyBurner



Keep taking over


Do you wear directly on body or around clothes


Are you interested for a nice pic of yourself animated at the best price✅✅ it gonna be freaking dope


@nascar_polo_23 I want one of these.


What helps with losing fat quicker the cream or tea?


@keyshiakaoir how come when I put my trainer on the bottom fat always roll out and I have to keep pulling it down 😣😩


Do you deliver world wild? I am in South Africa


If I wear a 18/20 in jeans what size waist eraser do I need


Send me a sample i send my video 2


I'm 5"2 and 174 pounds. What size would be good for me? Really want to try this.?


When will the erasers be back in stock??


I need this seen so many women with it on and I'm loving it


I'm almost certain that waist trainers don't work.


How long does it take to see results


I’m so sad my waist trainer isn’t sticking anymore😩 I love my waist trainer it really works.


Ladies the shipping is so fast!! I just got mine in today with the body burner. I just tried it on and its very comfortable. The quality is 🔥 . I can't wait to see what my results will be.


@keyshiakaoir I gained a lot of weight due to my bad eating habits I’m not huge but I would like to loose the stomach, back fat and tone up theses big ole thighs lol which of your products should I get


@keyshiakaoir ....Hi I'm trying to place my order I want the pink one when I click on it check out still shows the red one.HELP😂😂


I see you @xo_ramoni 😍


@real.big I’m NOT disagreeing I just think there’s more humble ways to say things that’s all.


Just ordered mine!!! Nervous and excited at the same time!!!


I want to try this so bad I am already depress and not loving my body from an abusive relationship


Yes you should. I have it and it works like a beast