Twisted @twisted

Twisted @twisted



Looks so good. Watching this video when I've completely cut carbs from my diet isn't the smartest idea. Can you sub almond flour?




@mersaarif OVO NAPRAVI OMG!!!!!!!


Hi @choperella 😘😘♥️♥️


What size are the pans? Thanks!!! @twisted




I’m sorry but it’s an amazing cake but uhh where are the 14 layer I’m confused


OMG!! Beautiful & yummm!


I need more videos of Tara, she’s so adorable.


يمي 😍


سلمت يداك


She forgot the cake😂😂😂😭






I ♥️♥️♥️♥️ this I wanna try adding like bananas and pudding in the middle


14 layer cake ?? 🙄🙄


You should name it "Strawberry Swirl"




I need her link plz


She is so sweet anyways 😍


It not just a 14 layer Caier with cake and icing no it’s layered with cake+jam+cream+strawberry count and you get 14


The title is 14-layers strawberry and cream cake so if you count the strawberries and cream along with the cake which is in the title 👀you will see 14 layers