Bebe Rexha @beberexha

Bebe Rexha @beberexha

I Fuckin HATE this paparazzi pic of me, but you know what Im posting it cause it’s REAL. I was buying groceries to make chili and lottery tickets. Btw I won 25 bucks.



You so fucking fat


Thick girls have rights


Always beautiful 💓


And I like your style.....🔥❤️🚀


To be completely honest with you. If I was walking down the street and saw you in this exact outfit. I would immediately fall in love because you are not just beautiful but you're gorgeous exotic and sensational looking.


@daya_guissel21 jaja nada


Your a beauty inside n out do not let the ass clowns of the world tell u different ❤️


I ❤️ you posted this and that you won $25! ☘️


You’re a woman. Beautiful. Enough said.


Yikes! Fat AND ugly?


Called being humane and everybody needs a reminder that social media is fake. 💗


still a smoke show.


You're lovely


I don’t listen to your music but, I wasted my 40s wasting away from anorexia and now at a size 8 I still hate what I see but, your posts are a reality of a happy healthy body. Thanks!




Thank u 🖤


Please don’t change!!! You’re fucking perfect! You deserve WOMAN OF THE YEAR 😭😍👏🏻


Why do you hate it, you're phuqueing hott...


@anouskadecosta OMG I have seen that acc !!!!


You're talented & beautiful, so f**k the jealous haters, never let them get you down!


@farzadam.p.m فاك يو😂😂




This is an amazing pic. Just how I go out to the grocery store.Your body shape is beautiful! <3


❤️😍❤️ Gorgeous






You look fine. EVERYONE deserves a “chill” day when they don’t have to put makeup on and do their hair!




@hannah.lown @biancaalfieri this is the pic I was talking about


Mama you thicc with all the c's. Work what you got, it look bomb asfffff 😍🔥🙌


This one is my favorite. It makes you seem more normal. And I love your music btw. Keep writing/singing great music please. #keepinitreal


Good morning, humans make errors in all things. Spelling should be the least of our worries. Thanks for speaking up and out @beberexha @beberexh. You are beautiful every dam day because of what’s going on inside of you.




You look amazing. You really do !


@jesynelson ❤️😍


@beberexha you look great regardless! Btw, what’s your recipe for making “chili and lottery tickets”? 😜


Yass Queen🌈🦄❤️🔥


Id take a real person like this over the photoshop anyday. You are gorgeous and real




How do you make lottery tickets? I would love to try that recipe!