Julian Edelman @edelman11

Julian Edelman @edelman11

Who’s ready to get to work? My Youth Football Clinic with @ProCamps presented by @GameOnMouthguards is less than two months away… click the link in my bio for more info 🏆



Can girls sign up?






@edelman11 I’m in it!


Coming from CO!


You can learn to levitate


Hey there




@missmariapeterson why do I suddenly want to play youth football?


Wish I could for my son. We are huge Patriot fans living in Az. Football is life for him...


тжулияn хэллоу сэя сунуля баскэтбол "nba" vozmojno |"чувак" хорошии iz-"k"\убираитэ


Sign us up!!!! @michael.tomo


@abeergailxxo and I are ready to work as hardddddd as you want


I went there last year Jules I was the kid that said great catch in 51


@edelman11 we will be there !!!


@edelman11 need any volunteers? 🙋🏼‍♂️




Go get um JE11 🖐🖐🖐


Signed up for the 1 on 1 I’ll be their cant wait


@natalie.metzgar think we need to learn some skills? I do




My son can’t wait!! 🏈🏈


let’s go to it @bridgetbeatty_