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It was an inspiring and exciting weekend in the city of Stockton, CA with my @ImaginexJustice team. We visited Stockton to support and learn from the amazing work Mayor Michael D. Tubbs and the leading community organizers are doing to make a difference in their own community. The work they are doing there is inspiring and puts on full display the power in us when we all can come together for the greater good. Photos by @IAmBethanieHines + @RockwellCreative for @Mic.


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Missed you in Stockton 😭 @common next time 🤟






beautiful photos @iambethaniehines 💚💚


Missed this one. 45 minutes away from me


I heard about this too late. and missed it. But thankful you were in the valley. I'm sure your presence had a great impact.


GOD bless u always glade u had a wonderful time it's always good 2 give JESUS CHRIST praise come on y'all praise him n the morning praise him n the noon day praise him all day




We appreciate you 😌




💗💗💗Thank you for finally coming back to Phoenix on your Let Love tour! I will be there💗💗💗




We love u common.U r the bomb diggity my brother. Ms.Toni Bell and Lamont'e Haywood.Have a very bless onr.


It's so good to see you doing such amazing work, continued blessings


I work as a paralegal for a criminal attorney and I’m so pleased to see your commitment to our brothers and sisters in the system, of all colors. I’ve told the attorney I work for about you and she is so pleased to see your hard work, and commitment. She has been doing this over 30 years and will retire in a few years. She has represented Tookie Williams and many more and is still fighting! 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾


@common thank you so much for coming back, it speaks volumes about your character💯. Our mayor (1st black BTW) gets so much negative feedback from certain residents SMH. It feels good to know he's still determined, pushing forward, and has some great support. Your people in the 209 love you💌


hello bonne continuation a tous










Sir! I’m a chicagoan and a true fan of yours. I missed an opportunity to come see you in Chicago on you book tour. I’m beyond proud of you as a human on ur accomplishments. #continuegreatness




Common is for the people ✊🏿 ✊🏿