United States Army @usarmy

United States Army @usarmy

How do you master the fundamentals? Share your tips on becoming an expert. πŸ“Ή by @2ndinfantrydivision
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Air Force Infantry here😜


@usarmy do they get to try full auto?


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Love those days. I won a 4 day weekend being the first to qualify on day night range.


Text QQ63 to 462769 for more information on the US Army


Wish I could join




15 years later and they’re still focused on mastering fundamentals through countless hour of repetitive training.
It works guys, now you know why we’ve incorporated and preach proven methods form back in 2000 into our company.
Repetition is key to building our cybersecurity skills into muscle memory
and that’s what sets us apart from the rest!
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M134 is GOOOD




Nice Work








Just Pew It


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Sight picture. Sight alignment. Trigger control. Breathing and timing.
If I would have remembered that on qualification day, I would have shot Expert instead of Sharpshooter




I said hooah!πŸ”₯