Kylie Cosmetics @kyliecosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics @kyliecosmetics

The Koko Palette names 💕
✨ True Faith
✨ True’s Mom
✨ Must Be True
✨ True Luv
✨ Dreams Come True
✨ Always True
✨ True Meaning
✨ My Baby True
✨ Truezeldorf
Launching June 14th at 3pm pst 🌸



بهترین پیج فروش فالوور و... 🤑هر هزار فالوور9000t*هر هزار لایک4000t*هر هزار ویو1500t*هر صد کامنت7000t*هر هزار ویو استوری3000t*هر هزار لایک لایو6000t*خرید بالای ده کا تخفیف، تبلیغات پذیرفته میشود


Recieved my palette today and it was ruined completely ruined upon opening @kyliecosmetics


I like the colors @jaceandbailey


How long until an order gets sent out.


@ruggedandraw babe I want this! I love you so much🧡🧡




Oh wow 😍


My god 😱😱😱 @wolfmichal


I truly bought it ❤️@kyliecosmetics


Dreams come true 💕😍


So beautiful 😍😍😍😍


Truezeldorf 😂


Love the names.


Friend: the koko collection from Kylie cosmetics is beautiful. Me: TRUE TRUE TRUE AND TRUE


This pallet though! @_graceekelly


The names 😩😩💖


Love dreams come true xx


This palette is just sooo cute for the summer😍


Beautiful colors




I ordered the entire collection! 👏🙌😍❤️




Ordered mine right away cannot wait to receive it 😍


Amazing and beautiful colors!