NHL @nhl

NHL @nhl

Laila Anderson is in the building and hoping for an incredible #Game7 win from the @stlouisblues! #StanleyCup Confidential





I read all your comments and I just want to say thank you. At the end if the day it's just a sport, win or lose, but most importantly it's about acknowledging a young lady who has a huge heart and rare disease fighting the fight! It's with the up most gratitude and a kind heart that I truly am glad to see that beautiful smile and tears of joy on laila's face. Your an inspiration laila and loved more than you know!! I'm so happy for you and the st Louis blues


Hi folks


The blues never had it before so they can’t “bring it back”. Lol




She sounds sarcastic or I’m hallucinating. I’m not sure


i was so mad that the bruins didn’t win but knowing that the blues winning probably made liala so happy i think that’s a major win boys :,)




she sounds like a robot


She was their lucky charm!!


Straight facts


She doesn't have cancer she made all the Bruins players feel sad If they would have won the Stanley cup Leila would have died


She is their lucky charm


She is their lucky charm