Baller Alert @balleralert

Baller Alert @balleralert

#Miami - The all new @clubedgemiami will be hosting a job fair June 14/15 and 16th please come with your resume and a headshot hiring for all positions ( dancers, entertainers, waitresses, bartenders Security, floor host, house mom, BarBack’s, etc ) @clubedgemiami is UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP and looking forward to serving you with excellent service #adultclub #stripclub #miami #jobfair #dancers #bottles #pink #money #GrandOpening #july3rd for info 7863093880 address 1430 NW 119th ST Miami fl 33167



Tf is a house mom


@guhname_esha hahahahyyvfuikjh ima poison your drink dog deadass 😂😂😂😂


What's a house mom


@baddiebruja bitchhhhhhhh I just choked on all my water why she doing that grand theft auto sway 😂😂😂😂😂 she definitely don’t have “The Edge” hahahhhahahaha


Biiitch they said come with a headshot & resume.. then look at the bitch dancin 😂😂😂🙏🏽 @guhname_esha


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I’m good love.


@cashfamebeauty 🤔


yall mind listening to my material & leaving a comment or like if you dig it all feedback appreciated good or bad 💛 thx homie


The lady at the top so random😂😂