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The specs came in for Witcher 3 on Switch and how it's going to run on the console. 👀





There are laptops for the same price as a switch that can run the Witcher 3 at 1080p.


All of you Spec junkies are hysterical. Half of you have no idea what the numbers mean and just want the biggest number cause that's all you can comprehend and the other half are just PS4 fan boys who know they run 1080p and anything that doesn't run that is not worth their time...lol


this is going to be great.


@pietroxander its gonna be lit


@gilinator this


Lol what do you expect? 🤷🏻‍♂️


@jesse.arts64 😂


@mrreddington77 its witcher 3. On handheld. the least u could do is respect nintendo for being an actual respectable company and being confident to run a AAA pc game on a handheld


But who asked for this




Sounds more like the pc port of a glorious console game


@carlos_ramone40 then don’t fit it in your pocket use a bag or a carrying case


@feytusa Totally Agree with U


540p 😂😂😂😂


why ?


Well if this is the only way you can play this game then I guess it’s a win. Everyone else should just stay away.


@iamdaraven using it on the go almost every day


We will see how it runs but this is a technical marvel.....just how??!!! Cant wait. Love the #witcher3 so much




Its okay .... for the Switch! 🦍🤜🏿


@robdoomguy3089 last time I knew there isn’t a portable Xbox


Witcher 3 on the go? Heck yeah! Switch running my favorite games,its just phenomenal can't wait for more.


Alright, an old post about the Wii U.


Not bad that like considering it’s portable


@robdoomguy3089 why put “...” in every time you’re trying to make a point man child


Unmm... I don’t get it. Why?


Xbox 360 back you are more powerful


Jjjjjj 720 in this time




Already have it on PS4 pro and beat it, but great edition I don’t use my switch at all for on the go so I rather just keep my copy


@iamdaraven yes, that’s literally the point of owing a switch.


@serbenjo did you ever play zelda botw? I meant that not hardcore time giver game carer gamer casual. Of course i dont talk about candy crush player casual. If you play zelda botw on master mode and %100 it you will likely be dead after that sht


@gamerbhoy89 i retract the lower resolution part of my comment. I forgot who I was arguing with.


@iamdaraven I am currently playing my Switch away from home as I write this. I use my Pro Controller and play it on tabletop. Just because you don't, have never had interest in, or don't find anyone else in your circle nor seek out other people who do play in handheld mode does not mean what you are saying is worthy of gospel. It certainly also does not mean Nintendo should avoid doing it just because YOU don't like the idea of playing it at a lower resolution. You forget there are millions of people who do prefer to play on the go to accommodate their lifestyle and having these kind of games at their disposal is an astonishing idea. Your problem is you are far too closed minded and stuck in your own bubble to accept this.


@lvega973 At what point are you ever gonna pay attention to that kind of detail in handheld mode? In fact, at what point were you ever paying attention to that kind of detail in literally any handheld system at all? This is damn impressive for the Switch, have a bit of respect.


@robdoomguy3089 The last time Nintendo competed was when they went against Sega. Ever since then they have done their own thing their own way. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having The Witcher 3 on the Switch. If you don't want it for that system, then fine - better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.