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Hodor! 😩🙌



@willkldr ptdrrrrrr connard


@cendyflandrin tu as grave un air


@hydashti Unfortunately this post is not about coolest one-man missions of westeros but rather king's guards who kept their Kings alive


@amirk1.pv Single handedly saved king aerys from abduction, the greatest one man mission westeros has ever seen!


@_er1c__ 🙌🏽


@rafael_tfernandes hahahaha true story


Ser jorah


He fucking should have let him die😂😂😂


@a.peace1 🤤🤤🤤😂😂😂


@cheikh_atn hodor💪❤️unbelievable


Still miss this gentle character 💗😊💗


Hold the door


Robb Stark: I had the most heartbreaking death. Hodor: Hold my door


Hold the door


I wish he did


@jyliqq yeahh, it feel ya


@dat.boii.tonio i also want another ending, still wouldn‘t want my babes to die tbh


@jyliqq i might take it 😂 i just want a different ending


@arihigoy so Bran becomes king at the end of the series. Before all of that, Hodor was highly protective towards Bran, sacrificing himself for Bran. Like a Kingsguard


@dat.boii.tonio if you want all of your favorite characters to die


@jyliqq prolly would of resulted in a better ending nonetheless


Prolly the saddest scene through the whole show tbh💔


Shout out to the worst season on television history


@robert_m_gamblin explain please


Imagine if he never dies. At the end he’d walk out in Kingsguard armor to push Bran’s wheelchair away. That’d make me so happy


@arihigoy you don’t get it


Hodor , grande hodor