Alison Victoria @thealisonvictoria

These singing lessons are about to pay off big time.....I’d love to Take you ALL out to the Ballgame next Thursday night when I throw out the first pitch and sing the 7th inning stretch for the @cubs at Wrigley! Pretty sure it’s going to be the best day of my life and I’d love to have all of my Chicago loves out there to join me! @windycityrehabchi @hgtv @mlb


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OMG, that is so coo! Have a blast


I’ll be at the Cross Town Classics on Tuesday @ Wrigley. Just missed you! This is SOoooooopp exciting! 💙🐻 ⚾️


I can tell you don’t like to reply just take pictures




You have arrived!


That’s the Right Of Passage In The Windy City - Rob


That’s awesome!! 💙💙


@steven51793 we’ll be at this game!


Nice!!! ❤️


Bummed I am; Ill be on a plane. Please make sure it gets to you tube ( or something like it).


Should have been at the basket ball game last night! Champion TORONTO RAPTORS!!!


wow!! so amazing


Woah. Tell your momma you made it


Omg i hope this game is on major cable network


I wish I could be there. You well deserving of this. ⚾️💙


That’s so awesome!!! 🙌🏻 Congrats and gave so much fun!


Oh I wish I could see & hear you but I'm far away. Please post! I'll be praying for you @thealisonvictoria 🤗


Wow!!! That’s amazing! Best of luck!


Your destined to be recruited for a political office. Congratulations!


You go girrrrrrl


@thealisonvictoria good fer you!!! You go git ‘em!!! Just please get all the words right!!! I’ll be rooting for you from Italy 😘🤗❤️