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“It took me hours to get here, but it didn’t matter. A view like this will never let you down.” #indonesia #ShotoniPhone by Rizki M. @rizkifira





@sants_ind imagina uma cabana de frente a essa paisagem 🤩


Keren neng


Its just took 15 minutes to get there lol




send me a new phone? @apple


My beautiful country


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Like UP animation ❤️❤️


Замечательно! Вы очень талантливый человек! У вас такие красивые фотографии!


Amazing 👍🏻


Соз жок адеми


Боган лайк ❤️❤️❤️❤️


a great view


This is to bring to your notice that last day my i phone x stopped detecting sim service, else everything was working & today i visited your authorized service center to consult this issue. Your employee told me that they need to update the restoration software. But after installing new software or restoration my I phone X stopped functioning at all. You may check the attached files which I received at your Patiala service center. The only thing appearing on the screen is Shut Down.
This is the first time I bought such an expensive phone & my first apple product, really sorry to say, after seeing this I got disheartened, they told me your warranty period is expired so now they can do nothing & was told that now i have to spend another Rs 54000 /- to get new piece of I phone X. I request you to please suggest. I cant spend another huge amount of money to get new one with in another year.

Sohrab Sandhu
IMEI- IMEI- 353053090946841




#myxrdiary See the shoot on xr


I went to there 2 times ❤️❤️❤️