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Very upset with how ur show has turned out and created horrible houses that are even finished


I read that permits have been revoked for the contractor and for companies working with you on the show - as well. So how likely is season 2 - really? Sad to hear all the drama that has unfolded. Hope season 2 is on its way and everything gets resolved.


Sounds like my adult life


More Windy City! More Windy City! More Windy City!


When will season 2 be on? Looking forward to it.


@thealisonvictoria I can’t wait!!! Love the disasters and how you problem solve.


I volunteer as tribute✌🏻my house for your next @windycityrehabchi 😉 it’s a charming little bungalow that desperately needs your designer touch.


Yay!! Can't wait!!




Oh my goodness!!! I am so ready!😍




Looks like a murder scene 🙈


I'm here.... Just waiting on you 😉


Omg I can’t wait


That staircase.....😍


Mackenzie Child stair way 🥰


Cant wait alison and you will have to break out those nice shiny black-leggings 🔥😻


Curved staircase, one of your favorites.


Omg. Are those tiny black & white tiles on the stair risers!! Love those! ✅


Can't wait


Time for some 311🎶🎶


I can’t wait for season 2. Do we have dates?!


Yay abestos vinyl


what they getting into this season @trinsies ?!??