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Numbers are hard, right? That’s why we made this video explaining the Celtics salary cap situation.





I'd love some photos of this, too


That sneaky 28-3 though @atlantafalcons


Trade haywards contract and do this shit. Then we are good


We're doomed.😬😬


dlo and randle


If kyrie goes to the nets DLo is gonna want out badddd. Feel like you could get your best bang for your buck there. Personally I’d like to see Capella but I’m thinking the Rockets wasn’t too much for him.


Gets Rozier back. Take the experienced point guard and pray for the best in free agency.


Draft bol bol... accept the fact that our window is postponed and embrace the young talent... let Robert Williams play... hand the keys to Tatum and brown. Bring back terry and Morris... I like theis too bring him back...


draft bol bol and herro and sign d'lo


what's early bird restriction?


You see that 28.3M


Brook Lopez


DLo and Capela, shock the world and win the finals in 2-3 years while kyrie stuck carrying bums in Brooklyn and doesn’t sniff the second round. Thank you v much


I would say either get Kemba or DLo


Get rid of Hayward


Well done