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A classic southern snack that will keep you coming back! Find the full recipe - link in our bio 🍅



people: "ItS gReEn ToMaTo" me: they fried a tomato?




Nope it's green.... They made a whole movie about it too Fried green tomatoes💀💀💀


Should've Said Fried Heirloom Tomatoes🍅 Instead & The Dipping Sauce Is All Wrg For Me... Look Good Tho


It’s fried green tomatoes 😂 not ripe ones.


i hate tomatoes


@karinalouiseward this made me feel sick


@nunosaurus Southern fried buttermilk tomato!


@velazquezzz this looks so good rn


@carlyetremonti can we make this


tomato’s gotta be green


No veggies


Green tomatoes not ripe red


@jennifersvrs das ist doch was für dich