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Comic battle.
• Hulk vs Juggernaut
📕Comic: Incredible Hulk Vol 1 402
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⚠️Setup: While on a mission in the Amazon Jungle, the Hulk is attacked by A strongman equal to the Hulk lies in wait!
1) Hulk vs Juggernaut Cover
2) Hulk is suddenly hit with a choke hold.
3) Hulk breaks free from his attacker's hold. Now the Hulk is ready for his foe, still unaware of who he is, Hulk underestimates his attacker's strength.
4)The fight takes the two of them falling from a high up waterfall. The Hulk comes out of the water and demands to know who his attacker is. .
5) Jugg drags the Hulk back under the water in the hopes of drowning him but Hulk counter with black slug.
6) The battle takes a back an forth sequence.
7) Hulk uses battle smart and agility leaps over Jugg having him fall in quicksand.
8)Moments later when he tries to rescue his foe from, his attacker manages to break free from the quicksand and pummel the Hulk into unconsciousness. .
9) As he blacks out, the Hulk realizes that he has been battling it out with the Juggernaut. As soon as the Hulk is out, the Juggernaut's employer, the Red Skull appears and tells him to keep the Hulk alive a
📑IMO : Hulk catches a beatdown. Gotta love the Hulk vs Jugg battles. As for the art, i wasn't a big fan of this Hulk.
🎤 Feel free to comment your thoughts of on this battle.
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Strongest version of Juggernaut was the 1970s, and time to time they pump him to that level again. Hulk has beaten him more than he has stalemated the Hulk. Thor has beaten Juggernaut too. But some are inclined to think that Juggernaut was never really fully beaten in any of the fights he had, including the one he had with Onslaught. To know how strong he really can be, that What If story where he survived Days of Future Past is a good one (they showed Hulk and Thor to be dead but Juggernaut manages to survive the onslaught).


What a battle


Who makes clothes for these guys? Lol


Awesome fight 🔥🔥


This is the only win Juggernaut has over The Hulk and it's because its a weaker version of The Hulk.