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Comic battle.
• Kraven vs Scarlet Spider 
📕Comic: Scarlet Spider Vol 2. 23
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⚠️Setup: Kraven the Hunter has Kaine’s friends and is ready to kill them unless Kaine will kill him first and end the life that has been given to him.
1) Kraven vs Scarlet Spider Cover
2) Kaine attempts to escape to free his friends, telling Kraven to have his daughter kill him. Again, Kraven states that only Kaine can do this.
3) Kraven begins a savage assault, all while taunting Kaine with the knowledge that he’ll never be the man Ben was or Peter is.
4)Kaine is surprised by Kraven’s strength and speed, especially considering that Kaine is stronger and faster than Pete.
5) Kraven continues his savage assault.
6) Kraven's knives are easily able to cut through Kaine's webbing then lands a big knee.
7) Kraven turns his attention back to Kaine and continues to beat him. Kaine continues to take the moral high ground, refusing to play their “game”, which momentarily stops Kraven’s assault
8) Kraven slams Kaine against a tree then follows up with a kick to the head.
9) Moments later Kaine is able to slam his stinger into Kraven’s chest.
📑IMO : Fantastic and dramatic moments. Kraven is such a brutal character.
🎤 Feel free to comment your thoughts of on this battle.
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Really miss Kaine solo run...also I would really like for them to give Peter his other powers back...hate they took that away...smh...


Kaine is stronger an faster than Peter hmm how


I really miss Kaine having his own solo series. Great post! 👌🏽


Two reason this is dope:
1. I miss Kaine’s Scarlet Spider
2. Kraven is severely underrated


I don't think that was his stinger. It was his strength and accuracy of the strike that stopped Kraven's heart


Great showing for Kraven, Kaine was a beast!


Kraven is the truth 🎯