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The place is Aloboor city, 800 meters, Al-Wadar street, 5 block 11003 - Egypt
Training a dog to attack on dogs that tied up
A girl contacted us about a complaint and asked us to interfere with a citizen who attacks a pitbull dog, which is a fierce quality on dogs and people after training him, and he make the dog attacks other dogs that tied to fight to death
And after the contact, we found out that the place in Egypt .. We appeal all animal-friendly and welfare societies in Egypt to interfere and work to prevent the recurrence of this barbaric behavior
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المكان مدينة العبور منطقة 800 متر شارع اللوادر قطعة 5 بلوك 11003 - مصر
تشريس كلب خاص باطلاقه على كلاب بلدى مربوطة
#فريق كلب بلدى
تواصلت معنا صبية بخصوص شكوي و تطلب منا التدخل عن مواطن يقوم بتهجيم كلب البيتبول و هي نوعية شرسة علي الكلاب و الأشخاص بعد تدريبو و يقوم بإطلاق الكلب علي الكلاب المربوطة لتتقاتل حتي الموت
و بعد التواصل تبين لنا المكان في مصر الشقيقة و نحن نناشد جمعيات الرفق بالحيوان في مصر بالتدخل و العمل علي عدم تكرار دالك العمل.
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Dogs deserve nothing but love😩❤️❤️❤️


Dogs deserve nothing but love😩❤️❤️❤️


This is so heartbreaking😩😩 I hate this world sometimes


Awful, awful people.


Im sorry i cant see this


Oh my God. How can we help? This is so fucked up and people need to get involved and make this STOP


Been rescued by @animal.protection.eg https://www.instagram.com/p/B3NSt9ppzZz/?igshid=n8ob3vxzrqdw


Omg this absolutely awful! How do we do something?!




Omg wtf is wrong with people!!! Did someone help!? What is the status?


Listen why didn't you put this on graphic content... I cannot unsee the little part that played on my phone and I know it's to raise awareness but I do NOT want to be seeing this sort of thing on my Instagram... I followed you because I support you helping people but please raise this as graphic content as that has made me physically sick






I know that the girl that contacted you means well, but shouldn't she contact someone in Egypt, call the police at least? I'm assuming she's from Egypt. This is horrific to watch 😭 In the future, please post a warning for highly sensitive people like me. So traumatic. I feel powerless to help.


Oh no!!! This needs to be stoped !!!


Omg.... Is the dog OK????


How horrible!! Is there any society we can tag to call their attention?


The dog is dead??