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Hashtag rats is stupid. I like rats and this video is brutal .


Think about it was the aninal what has been eaten feels πŸ˜₯I mean its a baby😭 and it breaks my heartπŸ˜”


What kind of snake is that


Bruh stop using the rats hashtag! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Poor baby😭 buy that is one gorgeous snake


What breed is that?


Can we at least give the rat a quick death before feeding it to the snake? This is so cruel...i feel like anyone that can do this has something wrong in their head..


Baby rat ? I got two big adults this is sad but hey it’s nature but it’s also pretty cool on how a snake eats also




Holy! The colours on this snake are incredible!


Tyson Beckford


Enfermos de mierda


I know this wrong site. Loks linke one Picture in my Account. There is a Mouse in a Snake (Sorong) costume.πŸ˜‚