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The Beast of Beswick by @amaliehoward is LIVE! Beauty and the Beast meets Taming of the Shrew in this laugh-out-loud and heartfelt Regency romance!!
B & N:
Lord Nathaniel Harte, the disagreeable Duke of Beswick, spends his days smashing porcelain, antagonizing his servants, and snarling at anyone who gets too close. With a ruined face like his, it's hard to like much about the world. Especially smart-mouthed harpies - with lips better suited to kissing than speaking - who brave his castle with indecent proposals.
But Lady Astrid Everleigh will stop at nothing to see her younger sister safe from a notorious scoundrel, even if it means offering herself up on a silver platter to the forbidding Beast of Beswick himself. And by offer, she means what no highborn lady of sound and sensible mind would ever dream of—a tender of marriage with her as his bride.
This was an absolutely amazing read - 4.5🌟 from me!!!! Gorgeous storyline with well built characters and an engaging storytelling!! Find my review of this gorgeous book on my goodreads and blog!!! If you like #regencyromance then this book is definitely for you!!
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Must be a great read 🔥


What a sexy cover


I want to start reading regency romances too..🙌


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Regency romances are just so good❤️❤️


Wow ❤️ this looks so promising


Hahah looks like a fun read


I love regency romance! Have you read any of Julia Quinn’s books? They are my absolute favorite ☺️


This sounds fantastic! I love recency romances and haven't read a good one in ages, I will definitely have to pick this up!


love that red cover — it definitely won’t fade into the background 😂


Sounds like an interesting read 💕


This one sounds good!!


Sounds interesting!😊


I love the colors on the cover😍


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Yes I like this book !!!📖