Carrie Bears @carriebears99

Carrie Bears @carriebears99

I finally completed a treasured goal of writing a book!!!!! “Something to Hold Onto—A collection of stories from grief to hope”. Available at I am honored to share these amazing, heartfelt stories with you. Over the years of making Carrie Bears I have heard so many tender stories that have filled my heart and have changed me. My last chapter is my experience I’m making and delivering Carrie Bears for the 9-11 first responder families December of 2001. Everyone has a story—-everyone. I am grateful we share together in loss to build each other up in hope. My hope is that these stories will help heal in your journey of grief. ♥️🐻 #carriebears #somethingtoholdonto #grief #comfort #newbook #myheart





How cool 😎 is this 🙌🏽 I want one 😊


I’m loving my copy ❤️


I only partly know how much work went into this!! You are AMAZING on every level! So much love for you @carrielynnpike! ❤️


@melodiewebb94 oh you are so dear. Thank you thank you for sharing your heart with me😇♥️


@judyhammer right?!? That sweet angel Lily 😇♥️


The cover of the book is priceless. 💜🌼💜


So happy for you!! I love it!! All the best!!


You're amazing! ❤️


@csbourne thank you!! So much!💗


@natalie_renfro you sweet thing! Thanks for your order. I can bring it over any time. I’ll text ya💞🐻


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@alissaolson haha. A LOT. Sure loved working on weddings with you 💞


What can’t you do?! 🌟


Congratulations!!!! Wonderful!


Way to go. Can’t wait to read it.


Oh congratulations!!! I’d love to grab one when I pick up the bears when they’re ready!! ♥️♥️♥️


Love everything about this!


You are just so wonderful! LOVE THE BOOK💛