Jade Marie @jadeywadey180

Jade Marie @jadeywadey180

Glowing skin is always in ✨ Babes I wanted to do a new weekly series on my page where we can talk all about your skincare questions, concerns and favorite products! Ask me anything below & I’ll answer xx


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Dry sensitive skin glowing skin care routine help pls (clear skin no acne-small pores) thanks


Which ultrasonic skin scrubber do you like?? Or is their one that you think is better?


We think you would absolutely love our products, our After Dark cream in particular! You can even wear it under your makeup for a healthy, hydrated glow 💜


@jadeywadey180 Have you tried the Charlotte Tillbury face mask? Thoughts??


Hi hope I’m not too late for a reply. @jadeywadey180 I have hyperpigmentation around my lips . Does the roller help with nasolabial folds? Does it smooth the line out?


Blocked enlarged pores help me😱


Love this idea!!!❤️❤️


Do you find that crystal roller really works ? @jadeywadey180


Where do you get the jade roller from?


What are your fav products from @imageskincare and why


What daytime face cream would you recommend for olive skin, dark spots, aging/wrinkles, dry skin and 35?


@jadeywadey180 Hey girl, I just wanted to say that simplifying my skincare routine on makeup days has really really helped my problem, so thank you so much for the advice ❤️


You should do a video on your career path.


The career you chose, do you make good money from it, because I was thinking about doing this


Check your dm


Does the jade roller really work?


Daytime and night time skin care routine pls😍😍😍


Can you please list the names of the product?




What can I use for a very oily skin? In the morning my makeup looks so matte and after some hours the oil is coming through and I haaaaate it, even when I am not wearing any makeup. Thankyou 💗


What’s the best products for dehydrated and dull skin also the best eyes?


@mistydnelson Just had to chime in! 😉 I wouldn’t recommend using one of these on your own at home. Can really damage the skin! I actually have a podcast on this topic, if you’re interested. Pure Skin Talk. I just give my honest, educated opinions on skin.




What’s the best Moisturizer for dry skin?


What works best for blemishes and redness ?




Aw nice


Hi dear, i have a 9 to 5 job, please offer me a skin care rutin for employers and most importantly, after using skincare product, which foundation shall i use? (I have a dry skin)


@lancomeofficial energie de vie is my favorite!!! @jadeywadey180


@jadeywadey180 I’m using good genes and a micro needle but my texture is still blah. I also use Framboos, honeymoon glow and watermelon mask interchangeably 1-2 a week to exfoliate. Acne and hyperpigmentation are better but skin still isn’t smooth.


Favorite face oils? @jadeywadey180


Hey @jadeywadey180 what treatment/products would you suggest for ice pick acne scarring, thanks Lovely 😊




Okay what filter is this 😍


I'm poor! What's one thing I should get or always do to help with anti aging? 😀


Love you and your gorgeous skin. 💜


Murad or Kiehls?


Hey 💕 I’m 18 years old girl from Finland and I love makeup. If you have time, please check out my instagram. I’m posting pictures of my looks. 🦋


You can also zest an organic orange, 1:1 with corn meal and make a scrub for your face full of vitamin C. It brightens your skin immediately. #yourwelcome


Don't forget... plastic surgery! Fillers.