BET Networks @bet

BET Networks @bet

“Soul Train’ was developed as a radio show on television. It was the radio show that I always wanted and never had.” - #DonCornelius #AmericanSoulBET



Paints pictures of prison reform and human pride too❤️


I can’t wait to watch this!🔥💕


Y'all got the rights to the @btnhlive story yet?


I like this! This page is legit! -->@Blackcavii Keep them posts coming 🤗


@imbout2takeoff 😂😂😂😂wtf


Stood in long as lines to get in man everybody and they mama either was on soul train or yo aunty he was the longest running show to me


He contributed to our race he kept us by keep new talent coming at us weekly and bring them back ro keep us connect to the artist and the artist to the fana he was our instagram and facebook all in one day in two taping bring yo change of cloths or we laighed like a mutha like how thr fuck tjey wear the same shit form last week lmao fun as fuck and the scrable broad when a couple cant spell fast together lmao


Roasting @dcyoungfly @karlousm @chicobean 😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥on my page . Slight work🥶🤫