Lil Duval @lilduval

Lil Duval @lilduval

What sports game fun too? Or is there a plane game or some shit? 🤔 put a old nigga on. I’m high and I wanna play some shit like Temco bowl



The new super mario bros deluxe


You gotta get Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, it’s challenging and rewarding. It’s easy to play and hard to master


Madden 18




They got Tecmo bowl if you get the online subscription. It gives you all the old NES games for free dawg 💯


Will it become the most famous Pandino in the world?


Make another hit song and invent one lol. @lilduval


@lilduval Stardew Valley


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Pokémon lets go eevee


Mario cart


Pokémon bro




@lilduval check out BroForce


Street fighters


@rlwiv 😂😂


Me and me 5 year old hooked on super smash bros.


@sharkaddicts def have to be a genius to play mash bros 💀


Pokémon let’s go


Super Smash Bros / Mario kart


Katamari Damachi if you can find it 🤣 It is sold out everywhere.


Super smash bros all day fam


NBA Playground 2


Arms nice


Smash, Mario kart, rocket league, doom


I think the original mario bros came out for it this past friday


Smash bros is fun, Mario odyssey is dope, lots of games.


Check out Firewatch. The graphics are so smooth and the game takes place out in the forest and mountains. Super zen and fun.


@lovealwayskia marionkart been hard since Super Nintendo


@sharkaddicts been going hard since N64


Super smash bros is fire @lilduval


Mario party fun af too ni.


@harvester.of.sorrovv help him out bro. Lol


Try NBA 2k playgrounds it's Koo