hudabeautyshop @hudabeautyshop

hudabeautyshop @hudabeautyshop

Fascinated!🤩by these beautiful lip swatches of @robertavixen 💖💜❤️
Hi babes💕these are all the swatches of the Huda Beauty new Power Bullet Metallic Lipsticks!
In order you have:
- Cake Day
- After Party



@cynthia_gime 😍😍😍


سلام قیمت


@bibibo91 questi mi fanno impazzire 😍


How can I get this from Mexico!! 😍😍😍


@maghribia03 trop même


@libanaise1907 canon


Non mais c'est quoi cette bombe de rouge a lèvre. Je veux !!!!!! Les pigments st juste extraordinaire ! 😍😍😍 👏 🌟♥️ i love huda !


how much is price?


This lipstick looks stunning 💞 @shophudabeauty


Какая цена ?


out of stock in sephora 😭😭


@piercedprincess_12 I am currently 30 years old and wearing braces! I had them as a teenager but refused to wear my retainers then at he age of 28 had all 4 wisdom teeth removed and braces put back on. Nearly 2 years later, I’m almost ready to have them off and enjoy the smile I’ve always wanted. It will be so worth it! 💜


@monia_mouden fhaalo




@liseecs lo quiero




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I'm in my thirties and have braces... this picture is awsome!




I'm so sad i cant buy these in my country


@fleurdasiie je vais craquer !






I love this swatches


Yessss these colors 😍


😍😍😍😍 اشوكت يربي


i loved it❤️


I love After Party 💜💜💜






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Beautiful colours 💖


Aside from the swatches being amazing, she makes braces look cute! 😍maybe i should get mine back on




Omfg hw Much r these?


Where can I get it in Panamá? Thanks!!!