Pittsburgh Penguins @penguins

Pittsburgh Penguins @penguins

Rust: "If this warrior bucky doesn't go to Guentzy, I don't respect it any more." 😆



@seanpage23 They just don’t record them for tv all the time, they’re still done at the game though every game.


Bet you the @penguins won’t send me Guentzel’s stick






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Does he get to keep it even in the loss?


Long time fan through ups and downs. These guys are pure motivation and the true essence of hockey.🙌


@crimson_d_ I agree w you but every team does something similar


Malkin got the Og shoulder pads




weird every game I watch for the past few games have not done the National anthem every time I watched these games so why do them now when they stopped doing them the past few games


they have not done the national anthem in a long time why do it now


my recent post is funny asf. go look at it🤣❗️


Awesome video, let's win back the cup this year, I know yas can do it. Been a loyal fan since I was 5


Who is in charge of the playlist because i NEED parts 🤣


Awesome 👍👍


@mynameisdpc gotchu bro bro


@snoopdoggynaulls there we go


@mynameisdpc fatman scoop!!






ice warrior 🔥🏒👏🏻🔥go pens. In GUENTZY we trust


You’re stealing MF Doom’s style


@mikkokivimaki @mikopanula spartaaaaa 👊


@tvanharanta @mikopanula jotenkin tulee alavuden reissu mieleen




Puts it the wrong way 🤣 gotta love Guentzy!!!!! 🐧🏒


Great comeback Guys.


@ghoulch mvp of the game gets the helmet


@tim_aka_squid I don’t get it haha


@bdoyle18 buys a Guentzel Jersey, dude gets a hatty #TheJaybyr


@penguins SAVAGE 😂🔥❤️




the amount of times the audio stops for language is too funny


Keep twitching on the bench until 30mins before warm up 59!


@jakenbake20 much love man stay Pittsburgh forever!


Party animals