Ninja @ninja

Ninja @ninja

Hey guys! If you want to support me on Fortnite or in general as a content creator use Creator code Ninja OR click the view approved creators and support another amazing content creator! Have a wonderful day :D



@lawson.thigpen can you fuck off cunt ahahhaha


@ninja #fuckingsavage you get Em boy!!!


Use code vincs


@robogears yep that’s me


@robogears to*


@kalebbzdel2 I just want yo mention that you are the second comment down on the list.


Get the fuck outta of here he makes millions fucker


I am definitely going to support your crator


@portayus that kinda ducked up lol

Check us out too if you have the time.


شف يبغا كمان كود ايتيم شوب ياابوي خلاص تراك تزق فلوس


Thanks I




@troyi935 oh just people give hate and it's really annoying


@isabellelee28 I mean. Guess I’m just curious/confused


@troyi935 does it matter




I support ninjahyper


@isabellelee28 how do u figure.?


@troyi935 exactly some one gets me 💜


@thomas_bullenn lol


Ok I Did it🔥🔥


I did it can u buy skins plz


g👏🙌😍❤️😂😍ive me skin nails 😂😂😂on the way ihsvsj










i wish i was as good as you at fortnite


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I supported you


@joori_2006 ونا


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We fans will always support u 🙌🙌🙌