Chicago Blackhawks @nhlblackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks @nhlblackhawks

#Blackhawks fall in overtime



👎🏾 We lose..


I feel like every result is “Lost in OT” ..what is our OT record this year?


@apurvamorex bLackhawks


@brian.geentjens nee


@ferre.22 da hebbe ze nogwel goed gedaan nie


@robbo8791 November 14th


@qazi_amd Blackhawks won the faceoff first, it's just cuz they suck they lost




I haven’t watched a game in two seasons because of this garbage 🗑 😂


Y’all are so trash lmao


One point at a time!


@sean_899 agree


@lights.of.irthyll I appreciate it same to you


Blackhawks suck
They can’t beat us
They won’t make the playoffs
They can’t do anything right 🤷🏽‍♂️


@dominic_bandola_18 cap*


@brettarnopolin uh man that's sucks.😢 We need Cal space for players man. He should retire. He's got the money


The amount of games they have lost by 1 goal is mind blowing!


@kgothatso_n haha this is the story of being a blackhawks fan


@briank1976 No need to thank!


Get this picture of the NJ Devil to 1 thousand likes


@dannycasper31 the preds game I went to piss as OT was starting... we lost by the time I finished my piss...




@lights.of.irthyll thanks for the class buddy!


They have lost 4-3 3 games in a row now


Getting to be #blackhawks fall EVERYtime 🤦‍♂️ Love ‘em, but damn...




good jobs hawks, can't win them all


@corbin_burdette we will hold you to that.


If anyone wants to join my sim league there’s only 18/31 teams taken


@stclair1107 can't fix OT with personnel they have now. Team just isn't fast enough overall.


@justthekrownow lol dumbass


Can we get the most liked black person on insta❤️🙌🔥


Can we get the most liked black person on insta❤️🙌🔥


Painful... these OT losses are killing us


@nickdemario lol


So sick of this shit!


This was the first game we went to and had a ton of fun. Thank you for a good game! Definitely won’t be our last 🏒


@colin___cook Hola


Who else saw this coming? Also.... who else had the freeze while this happened and when it unfroze the game was over with a lose. Fml. @nhl