National Geographic Travel @natgeotravel

National Geographic Travel @natgeotravel

Photo by @amivitale | A Kashmiri girl paddles to the market before school in the early hours on Dal Lake in the troubled summer capital of Kashmir, Srinagar. Once a tourist destination known as paradise on earth, Kashmir captured my soul from the first moment I arrived there.
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hey, especially cool frame, ensure that is stays up


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whats up, wonderfully good photo, ensure that it stays up


whats up, fantastically excellent shot, ensure that is stays up


I’m so pleased you have shared this pic on your Instagram. I’m a proud Kashmiri and I have seen this lakes for years


@erin.claire.finn thanks




Wow... beautiful picture... kids in the US need to see this because we have everything yet take everything for granted


Striking image!




I miss this sight. I love this sight.




Poverty & hardship never let you down...


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@panoskoks εδώ σε έχω....γυναίκα με το ίδιο πάθος!!!! ;) Καλημέρα


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Beautiful picture!


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It’s a hard world for this rock.. all he wanted was to be famous. Help support the rock and like my recent post!


@chandanmalamardi chalega Kashmir 😍😍




@biswajit0711 you're telling kashmiris what the state of Kashmir is? 🤔🤔


@mithilshah_2000 any human or organisation with resources has the duty to do that. Also, it doesn't nullify their crimes.


@erin.claire.finn i hope i will see you soon !


@erin.claire.finn Kashmir is love for nature lovers and adventurers . I am myself a kashmiri guy !




@docischi Kashmir is always in my dreams


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