Sephora @sephora

Sephora @sephora

Our kind of buried treasure ⤴️🤩
Add a splash of color to your look with @tarteCosmetics’ new Rainforest of the Sea Seaglass Liquid Eyeshadows🌊🧜🏽‍♀️🐚 Available in six ultra-metallic, must-have shades only at Sephora.



@ymm.xoxo 😂😂😂


@celtsfan3 I woulda got one of these #YouPlayedMe


@sephora dont they come in a box kit of 5 together? I saw them in another pic. I have the first volume and they came in a box together. ❤️




Such pretty colors 💕


I bought three of theses and love them 💕


For lips or as the eyeshadow?


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@makeupbunbun I got reported!! I can imagine who by!! #ALLCOMMENTSMATTER


@jamimariesullivan i hate when my comments get removed 😂


@jamimariesullivan no the uneducated doesnt. They believe in a made up fairy tale called reverse racism. Racism is racism. If someone cant see that, then they better look in the mirror. So they can see what an actual racist is


@jamimariesullivan yes I am fully aware what racism is and white people don’t experience it


@blushingpowders u know the definition of " racism "?


@makeupbunbun agree with you 1000 %


@kristenxleanne thissssssss the shadows that you were taking about!??😍😍😁😁


@amyebritton yaaaaaas






I just want the entire collection ughh wish I could just buy them all in one swipe


These are truly heaven


@annedwards8 .. and that’s being polite bigot!


Gorgeous 💜




@mandyttrd que hermosooooo ❤️


I want the gold!😍


Peut Ont avoir des partenariats ??


Ma fanno parte della nuova collezione di primavera?




OMG I really really really want them all!! I mean like ALL! NOW!


@kgarcia97 all of them


@steviegray WE NEED THESE




@natiebear98 girl no1 here cares about you WHITE people trying to scream racism. Nice try though.


@ashmarie.glam It is. Racism by any other name is still racism. Bye