PGA TOUR @pgatour

PGA TOUR @pgatour

When someone tells you you can’t reach the par 5 in two.



That commentary might be the best thing ive ever heard


@pgamemes ce commentaire de génie mdr

@reiss.raf 😂😂


@mackyhick the fade away!!!


Reel it in


@josh_eales Just like you


@max.mthvn hahah une fin de parcours sur les rotules hahah




@calleball borde få procent på inspelade pengar för det där!!




Looks pretty normal to me 🤔 @cianfitzgerald01


That's centrifugal forces working right there folks 😎😎😎🤔 When that driver connects...the ball is looking to travel 1,200 feet.




The Hosung Choi method IS the future #scientistapproved @choi_hosung @brysondechambeau


@mcilwain15 me after I hit 2 ob lol


@matthew_leaa I must be 40 then 😂


@max.mthvn 😅😅


@jamiecasling get that clubhead speed up somehow 😂


@claudiaovens97 me and you 😂😂 or when you tell me you can outdrive me 😩




@lpearse95 in 20 😂


@tehpepsimax quand on dis que celle la a fini din estrade😂😂


@davemsp quand ont dit qui la retrouveront pas ste balle la 😂😂


More of this💥


Pipe peace @jackmmcvicker


@tehpepsimax lmao nous au driving range😂😂


@aaron_lowry23 when I try to hit it easy


@justinmaikranz I believe you have the option to put with or without the flag with the new rules right?


@keegan.matheson swing free


@matthew_leaa you’d probably reach mate 😂


Hosung pleasure!!






@alexrohlin haha så jävla sant


👏👏👏👏😂 legal


@jaketothestirling not sure how i topped mine 🤣🤣 same pull back haha @mcharl3s




OMG Top players know Hosung!!!