The North Face @thenorthface

The North Face @thenorthface

Walls Are Meant For Climbing. We’re building free, public climbing boulders in Atlanta, Brooklyn, Chicago and Denver, as places to unite us. #wallsaremeantforclimbing



ok - just started to follow your brand … and immediately unfollow you again


Very nice




@kiri_wood just seen this. That's the spirit!!


@imock01 nobody’s stealing the $45 you pay annually on your ranching salary


@jhmccann and hey if they come over illegally they have already committed a crime so guess what they have 100% crime rate and me I’ve never committed a crime and I’m a natural born citizen so what u said is invalid go back to living off my tax money u bum


@jhmccann oh and did u know that they just take stats from one part of America and not the whole country so it’s not correct exactly how Hillary lost election, they polled only democratic areas and said screw republican areas, you should stop your making yourself look dumb


@imock01 Although to be honest, if you think you’re qualified to analyze crime statistics and you don’t even know what rate means, maybe you should be the one getting deported. Clear Dunning-Kruger.


@imock01 Rates are like percents, it’s not the overall number. Also it’s pretty backward to say that you only don’t want them here because they’ll commit crimes but the best crime you can think of is that they’ll be here.


@jhmccann and and they are here illegally so they already have the highest crime rate cause they are ILLEGAL, they are NOT LEGAL


@jhmccann there are more native born people, the more you know go back to studying garbage statistics


@imock01 native born residents have higher crime rates than immigrants (documented & undocumented) - 2018 Cato Institute study. The more you know✨🌈




oh my god @brendanzwief amazing


@hassaan34 republication? Also even if you burn your things the company still has your money. #MoronsAreGoverningAmerica


@thexsurfer they still have your money also, wooooosh


@cptnmaxim coward


If that's the case then I'm going to your store and I'm going to take your overpriced clothing and climb the wall to leave. Fucking retards


says the man famous for wanting to build a wall


@worsthistorymemes good to see u here


Let's Grow your Brand with us!"


North Face, kindly shut the fuck up. You’re a clothing company. Nobody wants to hear about your opinions regarding the president’s past comments.




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@rightwingism 🤣😂😫😥😂




@rcs9182 aight homie 😕


@sambrwnll I’m unclear what you’re attempting to do. Best of luck.


@rcs9182 okay dude?


@sambrwnll I’m not a bro.


@rcs9182 sick bro?


@sambrwnll its fine. You throw your little temper tantrum. I spent a lot at North Face this past week because of this. Whine somewhere else.


Unite? I do not think that word means what you think it means.


Fences make good neighbors.


@helijosh222 🤔


@karlieshah said no one ever




There also meant to keep criminals out but I won’t buy your product anyway so it’s cool Carhart is better


@thenorthface not sure why an outdoor apparel brand would take a political stance? Such a turn off.