Artistic Unity @artistic_unity_

Artistic Unity @artistic_unity_

Which would you use?
Chindōgu is the Japanese art of inventing ingenious everyday gadgets that seem like an ideal solution to a particular problem, but are in fact useless.
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Bitter stick is cool


@empire_ankit_saha you want this right? 🙂


@aiswankit 4 no tah



My DMs are open if you want to talk?


The chopstick fan! Pls...😊


The butter stick lol😂


the bus helmet good for if you're tired and don't got shoulders or something nice to lean on


The butter stick for sure


Noodles fan lol


The butter think is GENIUS


But... She wears glasses




There all useless




@die_mayaa da hat sich jemand sinnvolle Gedanken gemacht und das alltägliche Leben zu erleichtern


@dianakhairuzzaman hahaha kenapa aku br perasan ko tag aku ni hahaha


yes 😂
















@ashikinkhairuzzaman Bole la ko wat mcm gmba last tu kalo resdung dtg😂


The toilet paper one


None is useful


@janiiteee 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


@v_jermacane_ tas pēdējais tev nodereetu😂




@cexxrblx speechless










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