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China and Russia are investing in weapons that could attack U.S. satellites and assets in space, and both nations are preparing to use #space as a battlefield, a new U.S. Intelligence report warns. Read more at the link in our bio.
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Lmao terrible photoshop.


Just a .after of time unfortunately


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Thanks for warning


Интерессно фейк или правда ?


Should rather create something to clean up space.




Remember only peace can protect earth. All the weapons are just byproduct of ignorance and madness.




Is that all the junk orbiting earth?


The global rat race for domination never ends! Whatever we do, they counter....


Meanwhile, Trump drones on about a wall....


Lol this is so fake 😂earth is flat, where is the sun or moon and what satellite took this? Y’all continue to lie to the people knowin that this isn’t true, what’s the big agenda? Hiding land and minerals? Keep us people enslaved? People have to come to their senses and realize what you are looking at and where u are being led, cgi “it’s all photoshopped It has to be” lol that’s what someone who works for nasa said and people still believe this ball? Lol how can earth be 70 percent water, but forms as a ball yes earth is round but not a ball, it’s circumnavigation for a reason, planes don’t nosedive over a curvature, August piccard first scientist to go past earths stratosphere, said that earth looks like an pancake with upturned edges 1931 , I know that earth shape didn’t change this drastically in under 100 years 👽


Are those all of the satellites we have? That’s too excessive


Didn’t @realdonaldtrump already tell us this over a year ago? #spaceforce


Awesome. Put it on the worry list everyone.


That’s why Trump created Space Force.


Now wonder we are over heating