The Beatles @thebeatles

“We were so overawed by American radio, Epstein had to stop us: we phoned every radio [station] in town, saying, ‘Will you play the Ronettes doing this?’ We wanted to hear the music. We didn’t ask for our own records, we asked for other people’s.” - John ➿ #TheBeatles #1960s ➿ Photo © Apple Corps Ltd.



Los Beatles siempre estarán en mi corazón


Humble men


It's like their faces never stop talking, it's adorbz!!!


@thebeatles paulie do not worry i can't tell them about that night in winchester in 1964




❤️God i adore them❤️


Before a British invasion in the USA #TheBeatles always number 1


Wtf is Paul doing


Brilliant and modest






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Ontem hoje e sempre...


Beautiful picture🌹🌹🌹🌹


Awesome picture!! Love my beatles! !!


Scouse 👊


Loved the innocence!!


@claracoosta_ aaah olha aí nossos amores 😍🐼 bom dia




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