WorldStar @worldstar

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I actually really like this message a n**** like me needed to hear this cuz I stay on 10💯💯💯 imma try to implement this in my life


ALWAYS dropping knowledge


I wanna get shmizzeeed


Cause at the end of the day u going to be doin the time by yourself 💯


Ya ima listen to anything this guy has to say 😂😂😂😂


Dr douchebag with the knowledge




Lmao wow he so hood he shot two people. His face says he can’t even read the alphabet tho


So you really gonna say you shot someone twice on worldstar


And he’s holding a glock while he’s saying all this?


@ynwmelly should have listened to this




This guy looks like he makes good life choices


This guy is legit and should be taken seriously 4 real dough lol😂






He don’t even believe in himself


This guy got tatts on his face to believe in something but he wants you to believe in him. Tf