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🤯 #hightweets



@be_you_tiful.ritzy if u do that then you stupid strong 😂😂😂😂


You're retarted


This question shouldn't be so confusing hahahaha😌


@zacharyprodigy ce genre de réflexions ...


le soir je me pose des questions compliquées @jean_gi2l


MF you high


shoot yourself in the head and tell me if it hurts


being weak has nothing to do with pain tolerance


You’re dumb


@bxyonder yo you fucked my entire day of thinking w this comment. 😂


@itsbinetimeofficial such a lie too cuz i just did it and its fucked me


@itsbinetimeofficial nawwwwwwwww, not fool me again


Ur late as fuck last time I heard this I was in 5th grade


Punch yourself in the armpit @leon.marshall98


Your just not high enough hit it again




You just stoopid 😂😂


U are an idiot


You're an idiot


u just stupid


You're a pussy cuz you punch like a girl :v


Nothing ur high as fuck


@breno_slompo What if you punch your other fist


No your stupid


@raj_siroya something you'd say after 2 smoking 2 blunts


😂 this is so fuckin dumb @neeltfofaria @_panchal_yash


@joey.parzyck22 ricegum is a fucking idiot




Your fist is strong but wherever u hit yourself is weak


@joey.parzyck22 you’re fucking retarded




The streets had this first changing the order don't make a difference