1320video @1320video

Brap Brap! Who would drive this little rotary powered truck?! #1320video



Those rotary motors are impressive with their horsepower output vs displacement.


All damm day


Rip mazdarati


Straight pipe and earplugs 👌


Ok that’s dope as fuck literally what I wanna build


I would love that considered i got no car


@finnegan999 what you guys should have done with the mazdarati before it took its unauthorized trip south of the border.


This guy would!


Engine bay needs a little help. And a 13B


Does it have a 455 shaped hole in the bed?


One of those in central Arkansas that’s stupid fast..


My gramps used to have one, as a memento he has a part of the grill hanging in his shop.


That’s my boy @brian_skotch


I think it should be yellow with a 455 olds in the bed






Make it boost 🤔 holy sh....